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Services Shopify alimentés par OpenAI

Prix d'origine ₹ 1,000 - Prix d'origine ₹ 1,000
Prix d'origine
₹ 1,000
₹ 1,000 - ₹ 1,000
Prix actuel ₹ 1,000

Conseil et assistance

Bénéficiez de conseils et d'une assistance d'experts Shopify à 1 000 INR par heure. Qu'il s'agisse d'un démarrage ou d'une aide avancée, nos consultants veillent au bon fonctionnement de votre magasin. Nous recommandons l'abonnement mensuel pour un support optimal avec notre modèle hybride alimenté par ChatGPT.

Produits et catalogues

Améliorez votre boutique Shopify avec des catalogues de produits créés par des professionnels et dotés d'un référencement sur la page pour 335 INR par catalogue. Chaque catalogue est adapté à vos besoins spécifiques, garantissant une expérience d'achat fluide à vos clients. Améliorez vos listes de produits et générez plus de trafic vers votre magasin grâce à nos services de catalogue experts.

Développement Web et marketing

Ce package complet couvre tous les aspects du développement et du marketing du site Web Shopify pour 10 000 INR par projet, y compris 10 heures de service. Du développement de sites Web Shopify à la configuration du référencement et du marketing numérique, notre équipe veille à ce que votre présence en ligne soit forte et efficace.

Not Signed Up for Shopify & ChatGPT?

The Shopify Unlimited Free Trial Store and a ChatGPT account are mandatory for our expert services to allow copyrighted custom coding for performance optimization and to access our Custom ChatGPT for Shopify Expert Services. Sign-Up

Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to build and manage your Shopify store. Our consultants provide guidance and support, allowing you to take control of your store’s development and growth. Ideal for hands-on entrepreneurs who want to be involved in every aspect of their online business.

Optimize your budget with our flexible consulting services. Choose the number of consulting hours that fit your needs and budget, ensuring you get the best value without unnecessary expenses. Our cost-effective approach allows you to allocate resources where they matter most.

Benefit from our Custom ChatGPT, available 24/7 to provide instant support and answers to your questions. Whether you need help with technical issues or strategic advice, our ChatGPT-powered support ensures you have the assistance you need at any time.

Shopify Support Services

At WAHOO BOOTCAMP, we are always looking for innovative ways to enhance our service and provide unparalleled support to our Shopify clients. We're excited to introduce our new hybrid customer support model—a seamless integration of our Custom ChatGPT AI technology with the expert knowledge of our human support team. This approach ensures you receive fast, efficient service while maintaining the personal touch that complex issues require.

Why a Hybrid Support Model?
As our Shopify services continue to expand, we've noticed an increasing diversity in the support needs of our clients. Some queries are straightforward and require quick answers, while others are more complex and need human insight. Our hybrid model is designed to offer the best of both worlds—speed and accuracy from AI, coupled with the thoughtful analysis of a human agent.

How It Works:

  1. Instant AI Assistance: For general inquiries, setting adjustments, and standard troubleshooting, our Custom ChatGPT AI provides immediate responses. This means no wait times for the majority of your queries, allowing you to keep your business moving without delay.
  2. Human Expertise for Complex Issues: When a query requires specialized knowledge or a personal touch, it is seamlessly escalated to one of our human support team members. This ensures that more nuanced or complex problems are handled with the appropriate level of expertise and consideration.
  3. Smooth Transition: Our platform automatically detects the complexity of a query and decides the best route—AI or human. If an issue is escalated, the human agent is briefed with the AI's interactions, ensuring a smooth transition without requiring you to repeat information.

Benefits of the Hybrid Model:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Quick resolutions for routine queries through AI, allowing human agents to focus on providing solutions to more complex issues.
  • 24/7 Support: AI does not sleep, which means we can offer real-time responses any time of the day or night, enhancing our support availability.
  • Personalized Interactions: For issues requiring deeper insight, our skilled agents will provide the personalized attention you deserve, ensuring every detail of your query is addressed with care.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regular analysis of AI and human interactions helps us refine and improve our responses, ensuring the quality of support keeps getting better.

Looking Ahead:
This innovative hybrid model represents our commitment to leveraging the latest technology while recognizing the irreplaceable value of human experience. We believe this balanced approach will set a new standard for customer service in the e-commerce sector.

At WAHOO BOOTCAMP, your success is our priority. With our new hybrid customer support model, we're excited to provide you with faster, more effective service without sacrificing the quality and personalized care you’ve come to expect from us. Experience the best of both worlds in Shopify support—try our new system today and see the difference it makes!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
HYOFarms India

We engaged WAHOO BOOTCAMP for Shopify consulting services, and they exceeded our expectations. Their guidance was instrumental in our successful migration. Despite designing the website ourselves, their expertise added immense value. Highly recommended!

We have had great experience with the Wahoo team.

We have had great experience with the Wahoo team, especially Mr. Ramesh. He is something who is extremely patient and try to understand all your requirements and accommodate and execute it well .Also the team is always available to handle and manage any unexpected situation at any point which is very helpful in the beginning for any brand . It was great working with you.

Ambika B
One the most genuine developers I have come across

Mr. Ramesh is very helpful and always guide correctly. One the most genuine developers I have come across. I definitely recommend team Wahoo.

Very honest and dedicated team.

Very honest and dedicated team. They provide all genuine solutions to client problems and their service is very good and swift.

Wahoo really a one stop solution for all your Shopify needs

Wahoo really a one stop solution for all your Shopify needs Mr.Ramesh has a in depth knowledge regarding Ecom and humble person always available attend every call and give solution immediately our journey started in a small town chengalpattu now we are fulfilling international orders. I highly recommend Wahoo, I'm really happy I found the right person for the job at a affordable price.