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How to fulfill orders in shopify

How to fulfill orders in Shopify?

Fulfilling orders in Shopify is a critical step in your eCommerce workflow. Once a customer places an order, it’s your job to prepare the purchased items for shipment, update the order status, and notify the customer. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Accessing Orders

1. Log In: Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard.
2. Navigate to Orders: In the sidebar, click on `Orders` to view a list of all customer orders.

Reviewing Orders

3. Select an Order: Click on the order number or customer name to view order details.
4. Review Details: Double-check product details, customer information, and shipping information.

Preparing for Shipment

5. Print Packing Slip: Although optional, it's a good practice to print a packing slip by clicking `More actions > Print packing slip`.

Fulfilling Orders Manually

6. Mark as Fulfilled: If you're fulfilling the order manually, click on the `Mark as fulfilled` button.
7. Add Tracking (Optional): Enter the tracking number provided by your shipping carrier and select the carrier from the dropdown list, if available.
8. Notification: By default, Shopify will send a notification email to the customer about the fulfillment. You can uncheck this option if you prefer.
9. Complete Fulfillment: Click `Fulfill items` to complete the process. The order status will now change to `Fulfilled`, and the customer will be notified (if you opted to do so).

Partial Fulfillment

If an order includes multiple items and you need to send them in separate shipments:

1. Click Fulfill: On the order page, click on the `Fulfill` button.
2. Select Items: Choose only the items you are preparing to ship.
3. Complete Partial Fulfillment: Follow the same steps for tracking and notification, then click `Fulfill items`.
4. Repeat: Once the remaining items are ready to be shipped, repeat the process.

Using Third-Party Fulfillment Services

If you're using a third-party fulfillment service integrated with Shopify:

1. Configure Settings: First, make sure you've configured the third-party service under `Settings > Shipping and delivery`.
2. Automatic or Manual: Depending on your settings, orders can be automatically forwarded to your fulfillment service or you may need to manually request fulfillment.
3. Track Fulfillment: The third-party service will typically update Shopify when an order has been fulfilled and may add tracking information.

Verifying Fulfillment Status

- Check Status: You can always check the fulfillment status of orders by going back to the `Orders` tab.

- Timeline: Each order has a timeline at the bottom of its page where you can see all actions taken, including fulfillment and notifications sent.

Fulfilling orders accurately and efficiently is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and a smooth operation of your online store. Make sure to also consider any returns or customer service issues that may arise post-fulfillment.

Remember that the exact steps might vary based on your specific setup and any apps or integrations you have in place. If you're using a third-party fulfillment service or have additional requirements, make sure to consult their documentation or support for specific instructions.

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