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7 Creative Guerrilla Marketing Practices for Shopify Stores

7 Creative Guerrilla Marketing Practices for Shopify Stores

Struggling to market your Shopify store? Look no further! Guerrilla marketing is an innovative approach that combines creativity, a sense of urgency, and a low-cost mindset to help you reach a wider range of potential customers. Here are 7 creative guerrilla marketing practices designed specifically for Shopify stores that can take your strategy to the next level.

Influencer Marketing.

Influencer marketing is an effective way to help promote your Shopify store. It is a form of advertising that works by connecting your brand with someone who has a large following. Influencers can be bloggers, vloggers, or social media influencers, and they act as representatives for your brand. They share their own unique stories and experiences while promoting your product. This form of guerrilla marketing allows you to get the word out about your brand in a more personal way, as well as increase traffic to your store.

Social Media Takeovers.

Social media takeovers can be a creative and effective form of guerrilla marketing. You’ll find influencers that are willing to “take over” your social media accounts for a predictable length of time. During their tenure, they demonstrate what it is like to use your product, talk about the benefits and features, answer customer questions, and more. This type of takeover is especially effective when paired with giveaway campaigns -- giving followers the chance to win your product in exchange for following you on social media.

Street Team Advertising.

For physical advertising, street teams may be just the thing. With street team marketing, you're essentially taking your message to the streets with a group of dedicated marketers inviting people into shops and promoting products. They might hand out flyers with discounts or offer samples of your product at local events and attractions. Alternatively, you could rent a mobile billboard to drive your advertising message across multiple busy areas at once!

Guerilla Hearings & Demonstrations.

Another great way of utilizing guerrilla marketing tactics with your Shopify store is by setting up surprise hearings or demonstrations. This could be something fun or educational and involve interaction with passersby, game booths that urge visitors to compete for a prize before being steered towards various Shopify products, or even smaller scale events such as handing out promotional items near metropolitan areas. Whatever it may be, the important thing is to keep it creative and engaging so you’ll build awareness about your brand and drive interest in your products.

Gifting Campaigns and Contests.

Gifting campaigns and contests are great tactics to use to build relationships with customers and boost your brand recognition. Customers will be more likely to remember your store if you give them something they can use—like a gift card, discount, or exclusive product. Offering a prize in return for taking an action (e.g. sharing a post on social media, answering a survey question, etc.) is also an effective way to encourage people to engage with your store.

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