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How to Add Tap to Pay to Your iPhone with the Shopify POS App

How to Add Tap to Pay to Your iPhone with the Shopify POS App

With the Shopify POS app and Tap to Pay, you can make payments from your iPhone quickly and easily. Learn how to set up and use the POS app to make payments with just one tap from your device!

Install the Shopify POS App

To get started with Tap to Pay, first you'll need to download and install the Shopify POS app on your iPhone. Visit your device's app store and search for "Shopify POS" to locate the app. After downloading and installing the app, open it and sign in or create an account if needed. You'll then be ready to start accepting payments and making purchases with the Tap to Pay feature!

Connect Your Card Reader

Now that you've installed the Shopify POS app, you'll need to get your card reader ready for payment transactions. Choose the type of card reader you'd like to use from the list of supported readers provided in the app, connect it to your iPhone using the Lightning port, and you’ll be good to go. Your device is now set up with the Tap to Pay feature and ready to start accepting payments!

Enable Tap to Pay

To enable Tap to Pay in the Shopify POS app, you need to first open the Settings tab. Then, select Payment Settings and choose Card Readers from the menu. On this page, you'll be able to configure your card reader and turn on the Tap to Pay feature. Finally, tap Save to complete the setup process and start accepting payments with Tap to Pay!

Process Payments with Tap to Pay

With Tap to Pay, you'll be able to quickly and easily take payments from customers. Simply open the Shopify POS app on your iPhone and select the payment type of your choice. Then, tap the Card Reader icon in the top right corner and choose Tap to Pay. A card reader will then appear on screen with an image of a credit card that customers can tap their contactless payment cards against. Customers can then quickly and securely authorize their purchase using their card.

Checkout Customers Faster with Tap to Pay

With Tap to Pay, you can enable customers to check out faster than ever. No more waiting for your customer to dig out their credit card, enter in their information, or sign a receipt! All they have to do is tap their contactless payment card against the reader and quickly authorize their purchase. It's safe, secure, and easy - exactly what every customer wants when making a purchase.

You can use Tap to Pay on iPhone to accept contactless credit cards or debit cards and all digital wallets without the need for payment hardware. To accept swipe or PIN payments, switch to another paired card reader. Tap to Pay on iPhone comes included with every Shopify plan and transactions are subject to your in-person credit card rates from Shopify Payments.


Beginning March 2023, Tap to Pay on iPhone will be subject to additional fees. Stores can process up to 100 Tap to Pay on iPhone transactions per calendar month with no additional fees. After that, a fee of $0.25 USD per transaction will be incurred for the remainder of the month. All transactions are subject to standard credit and debit rates from Shopify Payments.

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