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Q&A Session between a prospective Shopify client and WAHOO.

Q&A Session between a prospective Shopify client and WAHOO.

1.Migration from current website?>
All data can be migrated to Shopify including the SEO traffic through redirects.

2. What is Shopify pricing?>
Shopify pricing starts at INR. 1,499/- per month and the transaction fee is 2% for Shopify and another 2% for 3rd party payment gateway. Total-4% and going forward it will become 2% when the Shopify official payment gateway is launched in India.

3. Can different category of products be displayed in different pages - like men's shirts, shorts, dhotis, etc?>
Yes, one product can be tagged with multiple collections as per your convenience.

4. Do themes have filter options?>
Yes, by default the Shopify system is having a set of filter options which can be customized as per our requirements.

5. Any additional charges for multi currency store. Can different values be used for different countries. Is it necessary for customers to change to their required country or how customers could change the country in website front end. How their carts will be charged for payments and how they will get credited in CCAvenue?>
With Shopify markets you can sell your products in multiple currencies and this service is free of cost. Indian rupee is the base price and your Shopify website's front end will allow the international customer to choose their respective country to see the prices (Including the currency exchange conversion rate) in their local currency. We can also use the geo location service to automatically update the country and its currency based on the user's IP address.

We need to have an international payment gateway from CC Avenue or any payment gateway for that matter or else your existing merchant account with CCAvenue can be upgraded to accept International payment collection. The payments will be processed as usual by the CCAvenue and the international currency will get repatriated as Indian Rupees and it will get credited in your current account in India.

You don't have to worry about the foreign currency exchange conversion rate which will be factored in by the Shopify system to automatically charge the required exchange conversion rates at the time of checkout.

The usual payment settlement cycle is T+2 in CCAvenue, but we need to check with the CCAvenue team to make it as T+1 as a payment settlement cycle.

6. What is multi platform selling and how to get it activated for social media like facebook and instagram?>
In Shopify we call it as Sales Channels, as of now we have sales channel for Shopify POS, Inbox, FB, Google, amazon, WhatsApp and Indiamart and these sales channels work seamlessly and drive more traffic to Shopify.

7. How to integrate with Uniware?>
Once the Shopify store is ready then we can integrate the Uniware API as a private app with Shopify and the back end team from Unicommerce will do the integration.

8. How to migrate with available images but to look in same sizes?>
We can set a pre-defined image sizes in Shopify themes just to make sure all the product images are structured and look uniform in all collections.

9. Integration with CCAvenue?>
CCAvenue can be integrated with Shopify using the API Keys from CCAvenue, once we complete the Shopify set up then we can set up or migrate your custom domain and the payment gateway set up.

10. Integration with logistics for auto pick up once the orders are manifested?>
Yes, Shipping can be configured in Shopify and we can also connect an exclusive shipping partner through API and during the fulfillment process the Airway Bill will be system generated and the Shopify order details will be directly sent to the Shipping company to pick up your packed goods from your location to your customer's destination.

11. Any Integration with social media for paid promotions?>
Yes, all Shopify sales channels like Facebook and Google will have an in-built feature to run paid promotions and Shopify is also offering its own Email marketing services to seamlessly market your products and services from Shopify.

12. Is SSL certification, hosting and own domain usage free?>
Custom domain hosting will be renewed and charged per year as per the standard rates. But there is no additional fees for SSL-Secured socket link and DNS management if your custom domain is hosted in Shopify. SSL and DNS management is part of the Shopify monthly subscription plan.

13. How to use emails when website is hosted in Shopify?>
Mail client service is presently not available in Shopify but we will use a 3rd party mail client service like ZOHO Mail to enable your custom domain based business email services. ZOHO Mail is free with a dedicated mobile-app, where your custom domain in Shopify or GoDaddy can be mapped with ZOHO mail to send and receive emails.

14. What are the advantages compared to Wix or Woocommerce?>
Shopify eco-system which includes the themes and apps are the main advantages of Shopify when compared with any e-commerce platform for that matter. The free themes help us to quickly build your online store and the apps help us to automate your workflows. To be more precise, the efficiency in running and scaling up your business with Shopify is very easy.

15. How to get tech support after website establishment?>
WAHOO will take care of the tech support for Shopify and SEO.
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