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Is WAHOO a Shopify Certified Partner?

Yes, WAHOO is a Shopify Certified Consulting Partner. We specialize in providing comprehensive Shopify solutions, from setting up your online store to optimizing it for success, ensuring a seamless and successful e-commerce experience. Our Shopify Partner Profile:…

Got More Questions? Explore our FAQ.

What is the Shopify Unlimited Trial?

The Shopify Unlimited Trial, offered by WAHOO, allows you to build and customize your online store beyond the standard 3-day trial period. This exclusive trial gives you extended time to set up your shop, add products, and explore Shopify's features with full access to our expert support.

Is the Shopify Unlimited Trial offered by WAHOO 100% legit?

Absolutely, the Shopify Unlimited Trial provided by WAHOO is a 100% legitimate program. Unlike the standard 3-day trial available on, our unique offer through Shopify's developer program allows for an extended trial.

Why choose the Unlimited Trial over the standard trial

The Unlimited Trial offers you more time to meticulously build, test, and refine your store without the rush to finish in just 3 days. With extended access, you can ensure your store is fully prepared for launch. Plus, you'll receive personalized support from our experts at WAHOO.

Can I migrate from the 3-Day Shopify trial to the Unlimited

Yes, you can seamlessly migrate from Shopify's standard 3-day trial to WAHOO's Shopify Unlimited Trial. If you've started with Shopify directly and realized you need more time to build your store without the pressure, WAHOO offers a solution through our unique unlimited trial program.

Will I have full access to features during the trial?

Yes, during the Shopify Unlimited Trial, you'll have complete access to all Shopify features, similar to a paid plan. This includes inventory management, product listings, payment processing, and more.

What if I need more time to set up my store?

We recognize that every business has unique needs. If you require additional time to perfect your store, please let us know, and we can discuss the possibility of extending your trial period.

Is there any cost involved in the Unlimited Trial?

The Shopify Unlimited Trial offered by WAHOO is entirely free, with extended period of time to set up your Shopify store. Our aim is to help you explore Shopify's capabilities and assist in launching a successful online store.

Can I use my own domain name during the trial?

Yes, connecting your own domain name to your Shopify store during the Unlimited Trial is possible and encouraged. This helps establish your brand's identity early on. Our team can assist you with the setup process.

Can I launch my store during the Unlimited Trial?

Definitely! You're encouraged to launch your store at any stage during the Unlimited Trial. Our team will aid in the transition of your trial store to a live store, ensuring a smooth launch.

What happens to my store if I decide to move to a paid plan?

When you choose to upgrade to a paid Shopify plan, we'll guide you through the process to guarantee a seamless transition. Everything you've developed in your store during the trial will be preserved and transferred to your paid account.